Market Day

It’s 0600 hrs on Saturday morning when most normal people are having a nice relaxing start to the weekend, no, not in this household, one has to be woken up early to get down to the vegetable market in Bridgetown!

There are stalls and stalls of local vegetable growers.  We first visit John who normally gives us a free sample of his proudly grown produce, the only requirement is that we report back next week to discuss cooking and taste findings.

Tomo makes delicious Bajan fish cakes, a delight at 75 cents.  You can also purchase a range of home-made cakes from Mrs Tomo.

Vegetables are priced by the pound, you pick up a bag, fill it and have it weighed.  We bought 4 lb of onions today which were priced at $2 per pound which came to $8. (£2.50).

Spinach $2 per bag (0.62p)

Onions $2 per lb (0.62)

Cabbage $3 per lb (0.93p)

Egg plant $1 each (0.30p)

Tomatoes $1 per lb (0.30p)

Broccoli $3 per bag (0.93p)

Green beans $3 per lb

I love the fact that you can get all sorts of fresh herbs.  We normally allow between $30-$40 for our vegetable shopping (£10-£12)


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