Getting things done in Barbados

On the downside automation, as we know it, has not reached the Island.  Getting things done involves lots of paperwork.  It is frustrating to know that it could be done so much more efficient but there are so many positives to living here that you just learn to deal with it.  Besides it is keeping people employed!

When you need to set up things always remember to have ID, a passport and a Utilities bill to prove your address on the Island.

Water – Barbados Water Authority (BWA)

You must go in person to the BWA, currently situated at Green Hill.  To set up a new account in your name, the old account must be clear.

You will have to pay a small deposit for your water in advance.

You will be billed monthly for your water and if you pay early you even get a 10% discount.

The good news is that if you have a local bank account you may be able to set up payments to the main Utilities  through internet banking!


You must go in person to Light and Power situated near the Garrison Savannah.  Be prepared for substantial queues. Everything takes longer in Barbados due to the paperwork involved.

You will be expected to pay a deposit to set up your account, approximately $500-$600, which you will get back if you sell your property.

You will be billed monthly for your electricity and if you pay early you get a 10% discount.

House Insurance

We went through a broker to get the best deal. Remember your ID and proof of residence.  House insurance is more expensive than in the UK due to Hurricane protection.

Car Insurance

When you come to insure a car in Barbados it is not as simple as in the UK.  The car has to be valued by an independent valuer (every 6 months) and a certificate issued which you pass on to the insurance company or broker.

Your insurance costs are based on the value of the car and not on the purchase price.

You must have proof of No Claims, a valid driving licence, passport, utility bill as proof of residence and a driving permit.

There is no MOT required in Barbados.

Driving permit

You can obtain a driving permit from any Police station.  You will need your UK driving licence, proof of residence and Passport.

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3 Responses to Getting things done in Barbados

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    • bareminimal says:

      Hi Mike
      In my opinion 86 is not too old to move to Barbados especially if you enjoy the outdoor life and are young at heart.
      There are agents that can do the formalities but will charge you….hence we were moving on a budget and opted to do it ourselves.
      Bajans are amongst the friendliest people that I have come across although I guess immigration departments are the same all over the world!
      You will not be allowed to immigrate or become a resident but as a retired property owner you can apply for a special entry permit.

  2. mike says:

    is it too old at 86 to move to barbados

    can any of the routine business be done by agent

    are immigrants really welcome


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